2014 Hooray!


Cheers to 2014! It is really nuts how the years are flying by and I am still amazed that we are not living like the Jetson’s yet. The new year brings new resolutions, new hopes and new dreams to be  better and more awesome so I hope all of you are able to sparkle and shine this year! Make it a great 2014.

Lazy Day Recipe/Chicken Pot Pie

Colder temperatures calls for easy, quick and filling meals and I think this Oven Chicken Pot Pie fits the bill.
The ingredients you will need are:

1 package of pie crust. I prefer the deep dish Pillsbury
1 16 oz bag of mixed veggies
1 can of cream of mushroom
1 can cream of celery
2-3 chicken breasts
1 cup shredded cheese *optional

1st you will want to cut up and cook your chicken breast. I did season with some random spices.

Next add your bag of mixed veggies and both cream soups. I let it simmer a minute to knock the chill of off the veggies. Yes I am aware that looks not really great but believe me looks can be deceiving.

Add your pot pie filling to the pie crust and follow the assembly instructions for the crusts on the Pillsbury package. You can also add the shredded cheese before placing the top pie crust. My crust broke up a bit but I didn’t mind since that will allow the filling to breath and cook.

Cook your pie for about 45 minutes on 350 degrees. Let cool and see that little crust hiccup doesn’t matter now!

I add my cheese once I get my individual serving. Enjoy!
What are some of your favorite cold weather meals?


Sickness My Body Does Not Welcome You

Box of tissues, apple cider vinegar, Alavert and pain…that is my current situation.

What the heck is up what colds attacking me in the summer? Actually it may be a sinus infection but of course Webmd has diagnosed me with a near death ailment. All I want to eat is orange sherbert and to call in sick for the rest of week. Neither of those option will be happening though. I guess I will put on my big girl panties and deal with it until I can get an appointment with my doctor.

How do you usually deal with illness? Do you turn into a big ol baby? Shut the world out? Or just cope like it is a normal day?

Hopefully I will be back to normal asap. I couldn’t let this keep me down from blogging for the blog challenge!

#31WRITENOW Blog Challenge

Pen to paper one of my first loves. I have always enjoyed writing. From poetry, to my middle school days of journalism writing has always been very therapeutic for me. Somehow life happened and my love for writing stopped until a few years ago when I started this blog. I had no hopes other than it being a creative outlet to talk about my hair journey and my life. Darn it life happened again and I would go months without a single post. It is time that I recommit my focus on one of the things I love to do.

One of my favorite bloggers Luvvie is doing a #31WRITENOW blog challenge and it is open to anyone who wants to focus on writing more content for their blogs. If you want to find out more about the specifics you can check that out here:  http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com/2013/07/31writenow-blog-challenge.html

So I am ready to craft my blog topic list and get to posting! I will admit I am a tad bit intimidated since today is August 1st so I am like 30 days fresh out of ideas.

We will go ahead and count this as post #1. Looking forward to 30 more days of writing fun! If you are joining in on the challenge leave your blog link in the comments below.


All About The Blogs

I love reading all of the wonderful blogs that are out. From natural hair blogs, craft blogs and making my home look pretty blogs sometimes I find myself lost in the blogasphere. It can get really tedious making sure I have my favorites bookmarked and checking in to read them. Enter Bloglovin! What a cool idea to be able to pull up some of my favorite blogs in one central location. Check out the site, sign up and of course follow Natural Twist.

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Strange Comment

Today I was informed that I have a good curl pattern….hmm not sure what that really really means. Guess I will find out on Tuesday when I get a trim and a protein treatment.

Moving Over

I decided to come on over to wordpress for my natural hair journey blog because it seems to be a little more user friendly than the current blog I am using. So I will be moving my content over within the next few days. Til then Peace, Love and Natural!