2017 The Year Of Everything


2017 has arrived and it has brought the promise of hopes, dreams and everything in between. I say live it up.

  • Go on that trip you have been dreaming about
  • Make a plan to knock out some debt or save a little more
  • Get healthy
  • Shed some pounds
  • Call a friend or family member on the phone, yes the phone no texting!

Just LIVE! Life is short. Do all the things. Make Memories. Be Happy.

Happy New Year

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (insert music notes and squeals) The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is here. Now thru July 21st card members can snag the deals before the sale opens to everyone. These are some of the items I am coveting at the moment. The booties have my name on them and the Ted Baker watches are swoon worthy. What are your must have items from the sale?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List by naturaltwist featuring a handbag tote

51 Weeks To Go


Yes I am 11 days late but that is ok! So did we all make it thru Week 1 of the New Year with no major mishaps?  It was my first full week back at the JOB and let me tell you it was a brutal slow start. For most the New Year means a fresh start and the resolution list but for me I will be forgoing resolutions this year. Instead I will be focusing on one word…….


This one word will be the center of everything I will do this year and beyond. It will encompass all facets of my life from family, to faith and fitness. If you had one word to focus on for the year what would it be?

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” Napoleon Hill

I will be keeping you all updated on how I am applying myself and really making moves with this approach.

Make A Statement

Hey you! Yes you. You forgot something with your outfit, no not your handbag or your watch but a statement necklace. A statement necklace can transform an extra drab outfit into something sparkly, wonderful and oh so lovely. I am loving statement necklaces right now and I say go balls to the wall with it. This is no time to be dainty, the bigger the better.


These are a few of the necklaces I have acquired over the last month and I can’t wait to give them all night out on the town.


I loathe Walmart but had to go yesterday and my eyes wondered upon a beautiful site! A wall full of $10 statement necklaces. This may be the only thing that will keep me coming back to Walmart. The selection was fantastic and the price is reasonable. Look at the wall of wonder.


This necklace would look great with jeans and neutral colors.


The turquoise with the pop of yellow in this necklace is just awesome. 20140706-111828-40708125.jpg

I love  pairing a simple tank top with a statement necklace. It completes the outfit and makes me feel fancy.

Do you wear statement necklaces? If so what do you wear them with?


Funnel Cake What?!?! Give Me A Beignet

Whenever the Mr. says we are taking a trip to New Orleans I get overly excited. Not because of the daiquiri shops or the seafood but because of the flakey pieces of heaven known as beignets.

Since I don’t plan on winning the lotto anytime soon in order to have a second home in New Orleans  at least a trip a year will do so I can have this treat. If you have never savored the taste of a beignet from Cafe de Monde I am sorry. The melt in your mouth goodness of the dough and the mounds of powdered sugar is so tasty.

As you can see an order of 3 is $2.42 the price for this treat is well worth it. On this particular getaway we stopped twice. The first time I inhaled 2 orders the second time just one and I enjoyed a hot chocolate with it. I don’t know where this hot chocolate comes from because it really is out of this world. Better than any hot chocolate I have ever tried.

Do you guys see that beignet under the mounds of powdered sugar? Folks they are very generous and I love it! Then when you take that first bite yummmmmm…….

The also have beignet mix your can purchase. I am not interested because I know they would not turn out as fantastic at home.

I did decide to pick up one comical item for my morning coffee or tea. And it asks the perfect question!

A Stick of Gum and Air

This pass week has been a struggle!  I have managed to get my workouts in but my diet has been terrible. I am staying within my calorie range but the food I am eating has not been good-by any means.  Lack of planning and getting my grocery list in tip-top shape has been my downfall.

That brings me to present week. From not feeling well to half assing my workouts I totally hit the drive thru for 2 days straight. I didn’t opt for a salad or skip the fries. I went all the way! Tuesday I stopped at the drive up heart attack..oops I mean McDonald’s. I had a quarter pounder, fries and even a Sprite. Totally not worth it. I was starving hours later and had the nerve to go to Weinershnitzel for a corn dog and a strawberry lemonade. Shameful I know.

Yesterday Taco Bell was calling me. I had a Fresca taco and a Nacho Supreme. What is happening to me? I caved is what happened.

So guess what is on my menu for the next few days? A stick of gum and air. That is how I feel sometimes. Eating bad is not worth it. It makes me feel bloated, tired and mad at myself afterwards. Good thing there is tomorrow to redeem myself.

What are some of your weaknesses when it comes to eating healthy?

12 days..Thank You

12 days. That is how long I lasted with the #31writenow blog challenge. What happened you ask? A three-hour flight delay at the airport!!! I had my post drafted in my head and all I needed to do was transfer it to the blog dang it! My whole entire evening from 6:00pm to 11:00pm was shot! After being stuck in a car for 3 hours with my kids waiting on my mom’s flight to land I caught a severe headache and there was no way I could get my post out last night!

Of course the 1 negative that I have from this challenge is not finishing but the positives far outweigh it.

I have gotten some new readers. So THANK YOU to everyone that has subscribed and shared my blog with others. It feels good to know someone out there in the blogosphere likes my content.

I have found some pretty awesome blogs to follow as well. I love reading your posts.

I can and will keep blogging.  With a little planning and preparation it is not that hard to dedicate time to writing. I now know I can do it much more often that I had in the past.

I still have some pretty cool posts coming up so make sure you stay tuned!

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