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Huh, Shampoo Bar? Why Yes They Are Kinda Awesome!

Forgive me but I am old school. When I think of shampoo I think of the liquid that comes out of a bottle, not something that can be found in a solid form. For the sake of my natural hair product junkisim I will give anything, well almost anything a try at least once. I was super stoked to find a shampoo bar sample in my January Curlkit. Actually I think it was more of a deluxe size sample I will surely get multiple uses out of it. So check out the dets below:

Product: Coco and Cream Raspberry Rice Pudding Shampoo Bar

Ingredients: saponified oils of coconut, soybean, avocado, olive & castor, shea butter, organic raspberries, coconut milk, rice flour, organic apple cider vinegar, fragrance

Price: $5.00 per bar

Product Description:* taken directly from the Cream and Coco Website:  Raspberries are a potent antioxidants and help fight damage from the elements. Coconut milk & coconut oil are a fabulous for dandruff, help strengthen the hair and reduce protein loss during washing. Rice flour is very beneficial for thinning hair because it contains so many nutrients your hair thrives on; vitamins E, B1, B3, B6, folacin & potassium, as well as key minerals to promote growth. Organic apple cider vinegar balances the pH on your scalp, aid’s in removing excess product buildup and seal’s the hair cuticle. Closed hair cuticles give better curl definition! Organic raw shea butter intensely moisturizes the hair & scalp, leaving your hair shiny, healthy & moisturized.

My Verdict: I loved this shampoo bar! I cut off a sliver and used on my entire head so I could preserve the rest of the bar for later uses. I applied the cut piece directly to my head and I also got the lather working in my hands then applied it to my scalp. I would say getting a usage technique down was the most difficult part. This bar did lather so that was nice and it was in no way stripping! My hair felt moisturized and my curls were so popping. If I had known a shampoo bar would perform this way I would have given it a try earlier in my hair journey.

Will I Repurchase: Yes for sure! I have already been checking out the site to see what other damage I could do.

So have you tried shampoo bars before? What technique do you use?

This sample covered my entire palm!

This sample covered my entire palm!

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Straight Hair Files

imageMy 2 year natural hair anniversary came and went with not much fan fare at all. I am just feeling kinda blah about it all. Mainly because it totally feels like my hair is not growing at the speed I would like but that is for another post. I had been going back and forth for a few months about straightening this year and was only allowing myself to do so if I found a good flat-iron and at a  decent price. I lucked up on a great deal that was having on a Sedu so all I had to do was wait, very impatiently wait for my goodies to arrive.  I straightened my hair last year but this time around I was overly stressing about potential heat damage. It’s funny how when I was relaxed heat damage was of zero concern to me. So my plan was to not fry my hair. My process is outlined below pre blow out:

1. Washed and conditioned with the Eversleek Sulfate Free Line

2. Conditioned with a Palmers Protein Pack and left that in for about 1 hour with no heat

3. Deep conditioned with Curl Junkie’s Curl Rehab

4. Rinsed with Yes to Tomatoes conditioner

5. Applied Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Nectar As My Leave In

For the blow out and flat-iron process I used 3 products! Yes I know 3. I received the Sedu Moisturizing Boost and Sedu Smoothing Boost with my order so I used those products and a bit of Grapeseed oil as well. I did tension blow dry my hair in sections and once dry I proceeded to flat-iron. The whole process post washing took around 2 hours. Not bad and the flat-iron made the job quite easy. For me the results were ok. I prefer my hair curly! I definitely need a trim from a professional because I saw major split ends and my strands had zero body. The next straight files will be done by a professional for sure.


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