Maybe I’m Born With It! Maybe It’s Eyelash Extensions

I am officially 48 hours post from having eyelash extensions done. To say I am more excited today than the day I had them done is an understatement. That is very telling about my 1st impression. After watching tons of YouTube videos on the process and care of extensions I thought I was a pro going in. Meh not so much. First the major details.

I made my appointment for 1pm on Tuesday at Amazing Lash Studio and I specifically asked for a seasoned lash stylist. I like to be on time to appointments so I arrived roughly 25 minutes before my  scheduled appointment. That gives me time to complete paperwork, browse Instagram and think about how I will rule the world one day. Let me tell ya the front desk apparently gets late arrivals ALL of the time because the look of shock arriving early for my 1:15 appointment was wait what? Yes 1:15 somehow my 1:00 was changed to 1:15. Problem #1.  On top of that they scheduled me with another stylist and they tried to play it off like I didn’t have the name of the original person I booked with.  I had to ask did Suzie (name changed for the post) work there?  They finally said oh yeah she had to leave on an emergency so we can put you with Jan( again name changed for the post) at 1:00 instead. At this point I am agitated because the YELP reviews I have read on this place are starting to come true.  I saw Jan come in at 12:45 but somehow I still ended up in her room at 1:15. That was Problem #2.

Jan was very friendly but for some odd reason I thought she would have been more helpful in assisting my pick which lashes would look best for my eyes. Wrong! There are 4 lash styles and varying lengths you can choose from.  Cute, Natural, Sexy and Gorgeous. I wanted natural but noticeable. Somehow we ended up with the Gorgeous style. Maybe since she suggested they work best for those that wear glasses. Heck I don’t know there wasn’t much consulting going on.

The Gorgeous style is  supposed to be longer and thicker along the entire lash line and full all over. Jan had this style and they were beautiful on her. As I positioned myself on the table I asked apprehensively are you sure these will look ok with my small eyes? Absolutely was her reply. All I had to do was endure the music and laying still for 2 whole hours. Boy was that a long 2 hours. Really it was 2 hours. For some reason I thought that was an exaggeration.  There was no pain and I barely felt any tugging.

After my 2 hours of fun was over I was able to hop off the table, walk to the front and be given after care instructions at that time. You are probably wondering how I looked. Guess what I have no clue. I was not offered a mirror in the room to take a look. I am guessing there is a reason for that but I have no idea what that is. Maybe if you hate em you can’t complain until you are home. I excused myself to the restroom, tried to get a good look and was completely underwhelmed.  This was absolutely Problem #3 The young lady checking me out said she loved them but that was after they swiped my card and wanted to know when I could schedule my maintenance appointment. UMMM never was racing thru my head.  So let’s get back to the aftercare. For 48 hours there are things that you just can not have done to your lashes.  My most painful are noted below

  • No getting the lashes wet
  • No sleeping face down or on your side
  • Pretty much use oil- free everything
  • No cotton swabs or anything cotton on the face

My head was reeling with how am I supposed to follow my skin care routine or sleep! A mess I tell ya.  I would love to say that the whole experience was peaceful, relaxing and that I just can’t wait to do it again. Alas it was just ok. I do like my lashes 100% more today than Tuesday. Perhaps they just have to wear on you. I will say if I ever do it again I will select a different style and maybe a totally different location.

On a scale of 10 eyelashes. I give it a strong 6. Tell me have you had extensions done? If so did you love it or hate it?

P.S yes the brows are ratchet that was fixed. I already miss mascara.

before and after


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