Make A Statement

Hey you! Yes you. You forgot something with your outfit, no not your handbag or your watch but a statement necklace. A statement necklace can transform an extra drab outfit into something sparkly, wonderful and oh so lovely. I am loving statement necklaces right now and I say go balls to the wall with it. This is no time to be dainty, the bigger the better.


These are a few of the necklaces I have acquired over the last month and I can’t wait to give them all night out on the town.


I loathe Walmart but had to go yesterday and my eyes wondered upon a beautiful site! A wall full of $10 statement necklaces. This may be the only thing that will keep me coming back to Walmart. The selection was fantastic and the price is reasonable. Look at the wall of wonder.


This necklace would look great with jeans and neutral colors.


The turquoise with the pop of yellow in this necklace is just awesome. 20140706-111828-40708125.jpg

I love  pairing a simple tank top with a statement necklace. It completes the outfit and makes me feel fancy.

Do you wear statement necklaces? If so what do you wear them with?



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