Swatch Saturday…Ruby Kisses Blue My Mind

Finally the 1st post for the new installment on the blog…Swatch Saturday! Every Saturday I will showcase a nail polish from my current stash. These may be current or older polishes so if you see one you like you can always search the net for availability¬† if I do not post where it was purchased.

I am going to keep the swatch reviews short and sweet. I will always talk formula, how many coats to opacity, wearability and the big one would I repurchase.

Today we have Blue My Mind from the Ruby Kisses line. I picked this up from my local beauty supply a few weeks back for .99!


The formula was a little watery and I had to apply 3 coats for the opacity that I like. I probably could have gotten away with 1-2 more coats. Not a fan of that.


The color is gorgeous and I was able to get 3 days wear before it started chipping.


Unfortunately I would not purchase this particular color again. I had terrible staining and that was with having applied a base coat.

Overall I give this polish 3 nail tips out of 5.



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