Friday Fun Manicure/ Holiday Edition

Friday Fun Manicure on a Saturday oops! I am totally making up for the delay with this super-duper cute Holiday Manicure. I think this manicure is fun and cute for all ages and especially school age kiddos for classroom parties.

I shall name this manicure Santa’s Buttons!

You will want to use red as your main color. I used Everybody Loves Redmond from Wet n Wild. This is a fast dry polish so this is perfect for those hands that won’t stay still for very long.


Next you will want to use a white polish and paint a line straight down the center. I used Wedding White by Confetti.


You will need a dotting tool or something that will allow you to create dots. If you are really steady you can just dot with the tip of the polish applicator. I used Posh by Revlon to create my dots. See it’s starting to look like buttons on Santa’s coat! The photo below is my left hand.


Below is my right hand I opted for a variation on that hand because as you can see my nails are a tad bit shorter. So I did a few button nails, plain red nails and a glitter accent. I used Rocking Rubies from Wet n Wild for the glitter nail. You totally have free creativity range with this manicure! Don’t forget your topcoat.

If you try this manicure and you are on Instagram tag me (naturaltwist) I would love to see your designs.



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