Thanksgiving Manicure Inspiration #4

Thanksgiving Day the perfect time to eat myself into a Cranberry sauce coma.  I thought it was fitting that I complete a look inspired by all things that come in various shades of purples and berries which includes my beloved cranberry sauce.

Today I bring you Cranberry Dreams!

You have a few options with this manicure.

You can opt for a single color manicure. For this I used the gorgeous color Sangria by Revlon. 2 coats and it is fabulous.


Or you can do an accent nail option. For this I used Plum’s The Word by Sally Hansen as the dominant color and for the accent the above mentioned color.


If you are daring you can try blending your colors with the straw technique. Now this was my first time trying this so it is no where near perfect but it is wearable.

I used the Bold Sangria from Revlon on only the pointer finger, Plum’s The Word from Sally Hansen on the remaining 4 fingers  and the new color I am holding in the below photo is Through the Grapevine from Wet n Wild. I just dabbed a little of each color on the nail and blew thru the straw. That allows the dabbed color to spread across the nail. I did that 3-4 times with each of the colors and it give me this cool camo color look.

So would you dare the Cranberry Dream manicure?




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