Friday Fun Manicure: Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and since I did not partake in any walks I decided I would honor those that have been affected by sporting my Breast Cancer awareness manicure. This was super fun cute and easy to do.

Grab any color ranges of pinks and really just have a free for all designing.

I did incorporate the pink ribbon symbol freehand. It was a tad harder than I expected with a nail stripper so it is not perfect.  Every other nail I just designed as I went.


So what do you think? I really liked it.  Now don’t forget to check those boobies!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. miffed67
    Nov 10, 2013 @ 16:38:23

    Ooo, I love! I wish I had nice nails. I’m thinking about getting fake ones put on, because I’ve always wanted to have pretty nails. But, I’m a lifelong short nail person, so I’m not sure how I’d handle having nails any longer than the ends of my fingers, LOL!


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