Friday Fun Manicure

Time for another Friday Fun Manicure inspired by  MissJennFabulous . If you have not checked out her Youtube channel you should probably do that. This manicure is easy cheesy and takes no time at all.

Step #1- Start with a base color. I went with a white base color since I wanted the colors to pop.

Step # 2 Select the colors you want to use for your nail stripes.

I went with a hot pink 1st. Use the brush to create stripes starting from the cuticle moving upward. You want this to be quick strokes.

Step #3 apply the 2nd set of stripes with a different color, I opted for a lime green. You will follow the same application technique as the first color. Once you have applied the colors add your topcoat and clean up any areas that have excess polish.

Simple, stylish and cute. Enjoy your new mani.


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