A Stick of Gum and Air

This pass week has been a struggle!  I have managed to get my workouts in but my diet has been terrible. I am staying within my calorie range but the food I am eating has not been good-by any means.  Lack of planning and getting my grocery list in tip-top shape has been my downfall.

That brings me to present week. From not feeling well to half assing my workouts I totally hit the drive thru for 2 days straight. I didn’t opt for a salad or skip the fries. I went all the way! Tuesday I stopped at the drive up heart attack..oops I mean McDonald’s. I had a quarter pounder, fries and even a Sprite. Totally not worth it. I was starving hours later and had the nerve to go to Weinershnitzel for a corn dog and a strawberry lemonade. Shameful I know.

Yesterday Taco Bell was calling me. I had a Fresca taco and a Nacho Supreme. What is happening to me? I caved is what happened.

So guess what is on my menu for the next few days? A stick of gum and air. That is how I feel sometimes. Eating bad is not worth it. It makes me feel bloated, tired and mad at myself afterwards. Good thing there is tomorrow to redeem myself.

What are some of your weaknesses when it comes to eating healthy?


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  1. nappy headed black girl
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 17:36:58

    I could go on for days but two of my worst ones are chocolate and skins (pork rinds, for the uninitiated).

    I’m a sucker for peanut M&Ms and it’s hard to resist the skins because they’re only $1. I would join you on the gum and air diet but I don’t chew gum lol


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