H&M online! open and ready for my money!

Walmart lines, people who have 50 items in the express checkout lane and dealing with H&M in person are a few things on my I don’t have the patience to deal with list. I can tell you the later of the 3 has now been solved. H&M shopping is now available online for the US. That makes me happy!

Previous H&M trips would start with strategic planning. I would have to think, ok which location because some were definitely better than others, time was important because there was no way I would shop in the middle of the day. It had to be super early or darn near 8:59.5 before the store closed. No more. The selection is pretty good online especially items for the kids. And did you know H&M has a home department??

I will be happily making a deposit with the credit card to H&M sooner than later.

Do you have any stores that you frequent online vs going into the actual location?



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