Did I Say Yes To The Size 4 Dress?!?!

Yes that tag says size 4! SIZE 4 people!!!! Yep I am a little excited. Obviously I didn’t pick this super cute Ralph Lauren Maxi off of the rack thinking it was a 4. I picked it up because it was on a hanger that was a size large so when I put it on I wasn’t thinking anything different. To my surprise when I was checking out the price tag I saw the size tag said 4. It was a little snug and didn’t fit like a large so I knew the sizing was legit. I don’t care that the material was stretchy, all I care about is that I fit into a 4 miraculously and it was cute.  I am nowhere near a 4 in anything else but this fitting  made me feel more accomplished than ever. I didn’t say yes to the dress because there were other items that I had to have but you never know I may go back for it.

By the way I haven’t been in a size 4 since like 1997!!!!



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