90 Days Fitter Than Yesterday


Today I am fitter than I was 90 days ago and it feels so good! Reality finally kicked my ass that I was not getting any younger or healthier and something had to be done.  That something needed to not be a fad diet, pills, or surgery. That something needed to last me a lifetime, better yet the rest of my life.  This is not my first rodeo with trying to lose weight. I tried Weight Watchers twice and at first try I thought it was for me. I never lost more than I would say 10 pounds on the program. The cost to effectiveness I could not see. There are some people who are very successful but for me it wasn’t working. In hindsight it was probably that I wasn’t that motivated as I am today. Motivation is such a big part of why I have been successful this time. What has motivated me you ask? Let me tell you about 2 major reasons.

1. My family all of my family. Mom, Dad, Brother! My kids….I want to be around for every important moment until they are old and grey. I want to be hot and sexy for my husband.

2. My husband. You see he is hot. He has lost so much weight it is ridiculous. He is faithfully at the gym at 4:30 am 7 days a week. Seriously who does that? Not me. I tried a few days and couldn’t hang. I am not a good morning workout chick. He can’t be hot and have a slouchy, overweight wife. No Way. I don’t want any part of that.

My plan to drop the weight was and still is pretty simple. Workout and Eat Right. Staying active is now habit to me. If I miss a workout I feel bad, if it is my rest day I still want to work out. That 21 day habit rule is so true. Working out should be as simple as brushing your teeth daily! You feel pretty gross if you don’t right? You should feel gross not wanting to be healthier. Ok no preaching since I am not near where I want to be yet.

My journey started with tracking my calories and making better food choices. The Mr. is a beast with eating right so he always guides me. I may not follow all the time but he gets me back on track. I use myfitnesspal.com to track my daily caloric intake, water, and exercise. It has been a great tool to make sure I stay on track. If you are a member feel free to friend me (symills07). I am always looking for new food ideas from the food diary. Next on the journey I needed to get moving. Going to the gym can’t fit into my schedule right now so working out at home has been great.  The Mr. purchased this awesome cardio dance workout program for me 3 years ago called TurboFire. It’s awesome but I never made  it thru Week 1. Until now. I started April 15th and finished out my 12 weeks yesterday. It feels phenomenal that I made it. I will be reviewing this product in a later post to give you more detail.  Sometimes having others hold you accountable helps. I am part of an awesome accountability group. We all push each other and share stories while being positive. I can say 100% that has helped me also.

So let’s get to the numbers. I will not share pictures until I reach my 1/2 way point but I will leave you with my measurements. 3 months that is all it took to add minutes onto my life, reduce stress, and build a great foundation to a better me.

Starting Measurements:

  • Weight 204
  • Chest 42.5
  • Right Arm 15
  • Left Arm 15
  • Waist 39.5
  • Hips 49
  • Right Thigh 29
  • Left Thigh 29

Today’s Measurements:

  • Weight 185.6
  • Chest 38
  • Right Arm 14.25
  • Left Arm 14.25
  • Waist 35
  • Hips 45
  • Right Thigh 27
  • Left Thigh 27

Goal Weight- 135-140


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TajMahal
    Aug 02, 2013 @ 08:22:18

    G’on ‘head, girl! Congrats on reaching your goal! Good luck on reaching the next!


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