Zoya Nail Polish My New Love

Zoya where have you been all of my life? Oh yeah you have been there all along I was just not down with paying $8 bucks for some nail polish that wasn’t permanent. I decided to take the plunge when they had the back to school buy one get one free deal. I scored 6 nail polishes for $24 bucks. The nail polish fairies were singing praises in my head. Zoya has a wide array of over 300 awesome colors that are boasted to provide the longest wear on natural nails. The formulations are also free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Camphor and Dibutyl Phthalate.

As you can imagine making the color choices were as difficult as what drink flavor combo I want during Sonic’s Happy Hour but I prevailed in picking. So check out the the colors that made the cut.

from l-r; Charisma,Felicity,Kierra,Natty,Monica,Faith

I have used my polishes a few time since purchasing and my first impression of the line is they are WONDERFUL!!!! I will be swatching the colors and blogging about them over the next few weeks! Stay tuned and keep polishing. I will leave you with a nail shot color combo of Monica with Felicity accents.

If you an interested in making a purchase like yesterday on Zoya products please click on the provided link below. The perk for you is a coupon for a  FREE bottle of Zoya Nail Polish when you create an account and place an order. That is my shameless plug to get some love points so I can continue my Zoya Nail polish collection.




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