Habibi Vanilla & Rose Body Balm

Vanilla & Rose Body Balm

My first product junkie experiences came in the form of body care items. The obsession began when Bath and Body works opened and the only few scents they had were Sun Ripened Raspberry, Cucumber Melon and Country Apple. That opened up the flood gates to the scent beast lol.

I was not surprised that the Habibi Vanilla & Rose Body Balm quickly become my favorite product from the May Curlbox. Organic Shea butter is the base of the balm and it is loaded with oils ranging from Organic Argan to Organic Tahitian Vanilla to name a few.  Since the product is Shea butter based the consistency is on the thicker side but with a few rubs on the skin the product melts away pretty fast. My skin instantly felt like satin and not the least bit greasy. I love it! A little goes a long way so that is a plus.

Melts Like Butter

The scent was a grabber for me. It is sexy and mature. The light floral scent is intoxicating and it also seems to have some amber and musky tones to that make the balm very warm but suitable for all seasons. The scent also lingers for a good while after application. Habibi offers 17 scents for the balm and I want all of them. I will have to take it one balm at a time so next on my list is the Sugar Cane.

The product delivers moisturized skin and an awesome scent to boot. The 4 oz balm regularly runs $25.00. For me that is a little steep only because I slather on moisturizers like tomato sauce on pizza no matter how moisturized my skin feels. Initially I thought I would go thru a 4 oz jar pretty darn fast, my opinion on that has changed. I received a 2 oz sample in my Curlbox and it will last me a good while. When I get to the last bit of product I won’t mind spending $25.00 on another simply because I think the Vanilla & Rose Body Balm is fabulous.

Head on over to Habibi Body to check out all the other products that are offered I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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  1. brownbabe
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 15:20:13

    I sooo agree! I’m actually just getting around to using my body balm since my regular ran out catching me off guard. Thankfully, I remembered my sample stash. From 8AM this morning until now after 5PM, I’ve been walking around smelling subtle vanilla floral tones. I’m all about the smell goods, AND I’M IN LOVE! I think I’ve found a new “regular” and I also wouldn’t mind spending a bit more for such a fabulous product!


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