Love this rant!!!

derby city naturals

YT is messy.  Their related videos feature can be dangerous.  Last night I watched a vid from a popular YTer and after it was over I clicked on one of the suggested videos.  This women was off her rocker.  She talked about how only cowashing was a way to guarantee growth and to not use shampoo.  She also stated that it is important to use oil to seal and that she only uses the best oils and hold up a bottle of One ‘n Only Argan Oil.  Now there is nothing wrong with this products except for the fact that is isn’t argan oil, it is silicone– 3 different kinds of silicone to be exact.  Now there is a touch of argan oil in ther but it is listed after the fragrance meaning there is actually more scent in this product then argan oil.  Labels, you have got to read the labels people.  What makes it more comical is…

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