Countdown To Cruisin!

27 days, 3 Sundays, and a gazillion minutes that is how long I have until I cruise the open seas with my main squeeze for our 5 year anniversary.  I have already started packing a bit and have my to-do and must have lists near me at all times. Between now and April 28th (the last day I have to pack) I have lots to do. My husband thinks packing is easy, just throw some clothes in the bag. Au contraire mon frere. On top of clothes I have jewelry and shoes to coordinate. And one thing that is not on some ladies radar NAIL POLISH. I would like to bring along at least 3 color choices on the boat. Bright yellow and neon green unfortunately will not jive with some of my formal wear or lounging gear. So as I chill on the deck with my adult beverage of choice I may want to do a quick color change. For the next 4 weeks I will bring to you a series of options and you have to help me choose! I can’t possibly bring a whole suitcase of polish with me, hmm or could I?

Sinful Colors

Color Choice #1

Dream On From Sinful Colors


So what do you think about Dream On from Sinful colors? This would be a great shade that will probably go with everything.



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