Kiss Nail Dress

Fun, fashionable, and fast are 3 words that describe the Kiss Nail Dress Kit. I received this product complimentary from the Influenster program to test and review. So far this product has been fantastic for me. If you are one that doesn’t care to change polishes often this would be a cool way to keep a manicure for an extended period of time and not worry about the maintenance.

In the kit you receive 28 strips that can be used for your nails or toes, a file, and a cool design book.  The retail for the Nail Dress Kit is $6.99 and can be found in all major retail chains and mass retailers.

Kiss Nail Dress

The application of the strips is pretty simple. Just peel, apply and shape. It states that the manicure can last up to 10 days. I have yet to test that simply because I get bored really quick and like to change my nails often. Today I am on Day 4 and I could probably make it a few more days. I have a few snags but nothing major.

Nail Dress Instructions

To lengthen the wear time after a few days apply a topcoat to give the sticks a hint of glossiness and extra durability.

Day 1 Application

Day 2

Day 3. Still holding strong

All and all I give the product an A! If you would like to check out the other designs that are available head over to





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