Nail Color Of The Day. Wet n Wilds I Need A Refresh-Mint!

Nail Polish. Such a good mood enhancer. It is one of the few beauty items that you can get for under a buck that can add some sass to your attitude. While making my weekly trip to Walgreens I ran upon these 3 little gems from Wet n Wild. They were on sale for Buy 2 Get 1 Free. I believe the regular retail price is $1.79. The first thing that stood out was the bottle, such a slick little thing. Then the colors, ohhhhh the colors! I opted for a few spring colors and a deep purple. Check them out!

From left to right: Disturbia, I Need a Refresh-Mint, Club Havana

Today I opted to try out Refresh-Mint. The color is a sea, minty blue hue and the name is pretty darn cute.

This is the megalast line and the salon nail color should last up to 5 days. Now I can never get much out of those types of claims so we will see if they can withstand the elements that my hands go thru.

What is neat with this polish is the applicator brush. The only other polish I have used with the brush tip is the Salon Hansen Salon Manicure. Since the brush is wider than most normal applicator brushes I think their is a learning curve to applying the coats  but after a few tries you should be a pro. So get up and go get a little piece of cheerfulness today.


Pro Brush Tip


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