What A Difference A Year Makes

One day late in November 2010 as I tackled taking down my last set of kinky twists I sat in my bedroom confused and distraught…well not quite distraught but instead wondering what in the world is to come of my hair. A little voice in my head said, “check YouTube”. I had no idea what I was looking for other than natural hair. A few hours later I made a trip to my local beauty supply and bought my 1st product for my natural hair, the Jamaican Mango and Lime Braid, Twist and Lock Gel. I was ready to get to work. Armed with a pair of scissors and my bathroom mirror I cut off what little bit of relaxed ends I had left from my 7 month or so braid styles. To my surprise I was able to twist my hair with no problems and it actually turned out pretty darn fly I thought. That was the beginning of my natural hair love affair.

This past year I have embraced my hair as I never have before in my 33 years of life! Let me tell you it is so refreshing, fun, and exciting. I would not trade my curly, kinky, coily tresses for any type of  relaxed down the back hair. The anticipation of seeing how my hair progresses in the coming years solidifies that going natural was the absolute correct path for me!


If you want to check out my 1 year journey in pics head over to my YouTube channel.


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