Private Is A Start…More On The TypeF Foolery

This video is private.
Sorry about that.
Yes this is the image that you will see if you head over to the TypeF YouTube channel and attempt to view some of the videos that were created by JoAnne Robertson in an attempt to educate those on the care of natural hair. Now I didn’t click on every single video that was viewable recently but I selected roughly 6 and every one had this message.
Below is the message that TypeF left to the YouTube viewers in response to the comments they had gotten.
I did find it refreshing that they responded promptly and have made the videos non viewable and may make an attempt to change BUT honestly it should have never gotten to this point! I am not sure who was a part of searching out talent and reviewing the material but clearly that was a step, a big step that was missed in the equation. I do hope that they take the positive criticism they received to heart and not let the negative, harsh things that I saw sway them from making a change. It is great to voice opinions when something is wrong but downright disrespect and taking it elsewhere generally is not the best way to get results. Hopefully in the future when I stumble upon the TypeF station I will see some familiar YouTubers dishing out helpful natural hair advice.

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