This Is What Happens When Boredom Sets In


***Yes I know one of my eyes is larger than the other, looking for a surgeon to get that corrected***

After parousing YouTube looking at all of the wonderful glam makeup tutorials I decided to try my luck at applying false eyelashes. The only time I have rocked falsies was I believe my 23rd birthday and they were applied by a professional MAC artist! Until now I never would have thought to wear them unless it was a special occasion. Well I am declaring everyday a special occasion When I was making my monthly trip to Ulta I decided to just pick up a pair. Surprisingly the Ulta in my area did not have a very good selection on false eyelashes. I suppose this was good because I could have probably stayed for hours deciding on the style I liked. I picked up the Eylure Naturalites brand which is the brand #1 in the UK…hmm and before you ask yes I know we are in the good ole US of A.  All and all I liked the product my application is questionable at best though.

The product claims they are Ultra lightweight, contact lens friendly and reusable.

I agree with at least 2 of those things. They were very lightweight and comfortable (once I got over that I think a spider is on my eye feeling).  They are reusable but I prefer to not use the same lashes too many times. Contact lens friendly I am not sure since I am not a contacts wearer.

The only thing I did not like is that they were a little too long for me I think. I picked up the Evening Wear style and ended up trimming them a bit.

The package came with a right and left lash, adhesive and great instructions. Seeing the actual application on YouTube helped me tons. Again overall I like the product I just need to practice on my application.


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