Everything is Prettier In HD!

Sally Hansen has really been evolving and staying hip to the trends which is pretty evident in the HD High Definition nail color line. Thanks to the wonderful CVS extra bucks program I snagged these two colors relatively cheap. Based on the retailer you visit I have seen this line priced between $5.79-$5.99.

The two colors that I picked up Spectrum and Hi-Res are quite bright, perfect for summertime fun. What is really unique about the product is that formula has liquid crystals that gives that super shiny popping color.

Here are the deets:


Shockingly Vibrant

Multidimensional true color


To get optimal color 3-4 coats is necessary

Longer drying time

I had chipping after Day 1  *A contributing factor could have been no application of a top coat

Definitely need more nail polish remover to remove * This may be due to the liquid crystals

All in all these colors are fun and surely you could find your color in the 16 color rainbow. For everyday wear though these may not be the practical route to take. For the price I did expect the color to last longer. At this point I would rather pick up 5 or 6 .99 cent shades from my local beauty supply. If you have tried out the HD brand before let me know how you liked it.

For an actual color swatch of the available colors in the line you can find them at the Sally Hansen site.


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