Enso Naturals Review Teaser

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when a new natural hair product line is discovered. From a slew of conditioners, moisturizers, and stylers it can put the newborn product junkie to the grown up product junkie into a ragging panic looking for the “haircare” credit card. Instead of overwhelming myself I  have decided to take it one product at a time with Enso Naturals. Below I will give a product teaser into the products that I will review over the next 2 weeks.  My cabinet space can’t commit to more torture so instead of partaking in the full size products I decided to get a few of the major products that I would use the most in the sample sizes. The samples were reasonable in price compared to other companies that I have ordered samples from before. My box of goodness arrived on a Thursday, which was great. I placed my order on the Friday before. The specifics of the goods are as follows.
Product: 2 oz Sweet Honey and Hibiscus Leave in Conditoner
Price $ 5.00
Smell: Reminds me of the BBW scent “Plumeria”
Consistency: Feels like a thinner consistency lotion
Product:  2 oz Marshmallow Root Twisting Pudding
Price: $ 5.50
Smell: Strong lemon scent. This really reminds me of a household cleaner, eek! Hopefully the performance of the product will overpower the smell
Consistency: Looks like a gel but on contact with my skin it turns watery
Product: 2 oz Cacao Curl Recovery Deep Conditioning Treatment
Price: $5.50
Smell: Again this one also smells like the BBW scent Plumeria
Consistency: Thick, rich and creamy. I can’t wait to slather my strands in this
Product: 2 oz Olive & Honey Hydrating Hair Butter
Price: $5.50
Smell: Sweet and Fruity. I love this scent
Consistency: Butter, butter, bring on the butter. This is uber thick and really soft on contact with the skin. I think my strands will love it
Please stay tuned for the full reviews of the product. The first of the review rotation will be the Sweet Honey Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner and Cacao Curl Recovery Deep Conditioning Treatments. Until then I have some photos for you to dream about 🙂
Photo 1 below displays the warm, earthy product packing from Enso Naturals.
Photo 2 displays the look of the products on my hand. From left to right the products displayed are the Marshmallow Root Twisting Pudding, Cacao Curl Recovery Deep Conditioning Treatment, Olive and Honey Hydrating Hair Butter, Sweet Honey Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner.

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