I Can Get Back To This

As you can tell by my sweatshirt this photo is circa 1985ish when Toys R Us was the bomb!  The torturous hours of detangling sessions on Saturday afternoons after soccer games was the commonality then. Even with the products that I now deem as a no no my hair was able to thrive and grow. I remember clearly my mother saying, “oh my goodness your hair is so thick” as she slathered my hair with grease and brushed thru it. I am sure the neighbors heard me screaming, “owww mom” or heard that repetitive jerk of the head from the comb. I know ya”ll know what I am talking about. I had no idea at the time that as the years passed that my hair would take a plunge for the worst. Somewhere between Hot Comb Avenue and Relaxer Road the hair in the picture disappeared. Now I want that hair back! 2 plaits please below my ear, I will take it. I am on the path to making sure I can have the healthiest head of hair possible. What are some things that you are committed to doing to make sure your hair thrives?


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