Miss Jessie’s Revisit

After much debate with my hair I decided to revisit the Miss Jessie’s products I have in my product graveyard drawer. You see this is the dealeo when I first began my natural journey I did it without much research or preparation so I went in unknowing about product ingredients and the what and what not’s around natural hair (1st timers I would not advice you use my method). At that time Miss Jessie’s seemed like a product that would be great to try out. The high end price tag was not even a deterrent for me because I was not aware of all the other wonderful natural hair care lines that are out in natural land that are way more reasonable. Anywho’s Curly Pudding was one of the products that I purchased from Miss Jessie’s. I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been experimenting with my Wash and Go’s and Curling Pudding was one of the stylers that I tried. The hold with the Curly Pudding is very different from an Eco Styler gel but it will still pretty nice. I will do an official review on YouTube here soon. For now take a gander at the pics and let me know what you think.

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