Hair Crazy Party Of One…Hair Crazy Party Of One

imageThe evolution of my hair is making me absolutely crazy, nuts, psycho.  The button on my camera phone is in a constant state of rotation between me looking at the hair pictures I took and my finger pushing the button for the ones I am about to take.  Is there a family photo lurking in the mix of the hair gallery that I have acquired? Nope not a one. All hair! My excuse is that I like to send them to my mom so she can see but that would be a lie. I have them for my own personal crazy reasons. Twists, Twist Out’s, Wash and Go’s, Washed Hair, Dry Hair, accessorized Hair, all hair. I know I can not possibly be the only person that is part of this fun and crazy natural hair wonderment. So folks I want to know what crazy things have you done all for the love of your hair?


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