Mid Week Wash

Today my hair was talking to me and it said. “Wash me so I can try that new Darcy’s stuff you got in the mail.” Of course I had to oblige my hair or she would act out.

No but seriously my hair was feeling like I had product build up so I decided to co-wash. I will push my normal was therapy to Saturday or Sunday. Today I washed with the Oyin Honeywash and conditioned with the Honey Hemp. That stuff is the sh oops I mean the bomb 🙂 I totally am digging on the way my hair feels these days and my curls were pop pop popping when I stepped out of the shower. I put on some of my Hibiscus and Banana Butta for my leave in and some Curls In A Bottle for frizz control and I really think this helps my curls stick together (I don’t like those stringy looking curls). Anywho’s after I applied these cocktails it was TIME!!!!! Time to apply my Darcy’s Botanicals Curling Jelly. First Impression slimy like watery slim, very nice smell and woooooow popity pop pop with the curls. The verdict is still out but as of right now I like it.

So for the challenge:

Being Good To My Hair- Very Good
Water- Satisfactory
Balanced Diet- Work in Progess
Exercise- Uhm does walking to the fridge count? lol

Tell next time,
Peace, Love and Natural


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