Emergency Hair Kit!

Hair emergency 911 paging SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!! Have you ever been stranded with a flat tire, or no gas in the middle of the Sahara Desert or Antarctic tundra? That is a little dramatic but getting stranded somewhere without a blanket during the cold winter months or without a cell phone in the dead of heat is no bueno. It is always good to have an emergency kit handy for such situations. For the parents out there it is safe to have an emergency kit packed full of things for your kiddos in case that sudden case of projectile vomit happens or you run out of diapers. Well boy did I have an emergency, a hair emergency. My daughter was admitted to the hospital a few nights ago for some breathing issues. She is better and home now. The point of my story is I was trapped, yes trapped in a hospital room with no satin wrap, satin bonnet, leave in conditioner, shea butter, or scrunchie. The pillows were definitely not the type of fabric I wanted my “do” to lay on. After the contortionists ways that I was trying to sleep I just gave up. Cotton or cotton-like pillowcase here I come. I woke to a sad sad looking puff. I was finally able today to bring her back to life. So the moral of this story is….I am on the prowl for a Caboodle 🙂 and I am going to fill it with all of my hair essentials and keep it in my car for any other Hair Emergency 911 situations. So folks what has been your hair emergency?

Peace, Love and Natural


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