Curly Meringue Wash and Go! Epic Fail

Yeah so since I am off for the week I decided no time was better than the present to try out MJ’s Curly Meringue for a wash and go. I have a great fear of trying any type of new products on my hair when I have to go to work the next day and boy am I glad I did this today. After my alluring co-wash, protein treatment and deep conditioner I was ready to give it a try. I split my hair into workable sections and applied the product section by section. The smell of the Curly Meringue is quite pleasant I think waaaay better than the Curly Pudding, anywho’s when the meringue 1st touched my hair I thought wow look at those curls they are popping. So I proceeded to continue my application. When I made it to the top middle section of my hair I noticed that it really wasn’t working as well and it wasn’t as “shiny” looking as say an Eco Styler would give me. Fast forward a few hours my hair is noticeable dry and not soft!!!  Curl definition is pretty much a NEGATIVE.  When I 1st started my natural journey in November Miss Jessie’s was that one company that seemed to be everywhere and some of the things I saw on YouTube and reviews  looked promising so I bought some of the items based on this. Since then I my research has evolved and some of the products in the MJ line I am not sure about. Curly Meringue def makes that list. Maybe this particular style didn’t work for my hair.  Maybe I will try it with twists. With the slight crunchy-ness I am feeling and dryness I just don’t know though. I will sleep on it tonight and see what the results are in the morning. I will not be purchasing this product again 😦


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