Oh my geez that took forever!

At this juncture of my natural hair stage the only styles I can really say I know “how” to do are a twist out and a wash and go so really I am just riding with my training wheels wandering the land of natural styles. It seems for me to get 2nd day hair that I enjoy from my twist out I do have to retwist every night….bummer especially since I got the “geez it takes longer to do this hair than your old hair” from my hubs. My reply, “hell yes (insert sweet nothings) it does take a little longer but I don’t mind because I know I am being good to my hair.” Anywho’s that is a totally different post for a totally different day. I have become a bit of and arm contortionist trying to twist the back of my hair and I know for a fact it looks a hot mess. Hmm maybe I should enlist the help of my hubs to get the back. Ok ok back on track here. Where was I? Oh yes the constant twisting every night. So I decided this afternoon that I would do itty bitty twists all over to see if I can last a week without a twist out. Well after about 2 hours of twisting I had to be optimistic and think YES this will work, I will be able to rock this for a least a few days then do my twist out. Peeps I don’t know. The verdict is still out. I am thinking it looks a little scary like maybe my do is not quite long enough yet. I will work with it in the morning. I am sure some bobby pins can work a miracle and I will report back with a pic or two. Tell then I need some Icy Hot for my arms.

Peace, Love, and Natural


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