I Feel Like A Have A New Car

When you are in the market for a new car you can spend tons of hours on the internet looking at the prospects of several makes and models. You narrow your search down based on your individual needs, i.e color, roominess, gas mileage and the price. Once you have the list it is time to head out to your chosen dealership to do the BIG test drive.

You found out that the particular car wasn’t for you so it is time to move to the next dealership and the next and the next…wow you are tired so you decide hmmm maybe I will keep my car a few more years it can’t be that bad. So you fix those few dents and do a few minor repairs to only find out that those upgrades only masked the problems you were having in the first place. So you go ahead and take the jump and find that dream car and you breath a sigh of relief once your credit is ran and you are approved 🙂 You sign your life; well better yet your first born child’s life over for 6 years and with keys in hand you are ready to roll in your cream on the inside, clean on the outside wheels.

That is EXACTLY my feeling with my old hair. For years I have had relaxed hair. I have done the permed big chop version, highlights, a full head dye job, to extentions, braids and the list goes on and on. I wanted to keep up with the cool trendy short styles and neglected my hair. I would have a stylist but the minute I got fed up with sitting in the salon for hours it was time to find a new stylist. So I stylist jumped and style jumped. All the above changes was totally masking how bad off my hair really was.

Jump to 2005 I got pregnant and all of a sudden my hair just grew like crazy but I had that good ole epidural and a few months after I gave birth that “good” hair was shedding like crazy!!!! So back to masking the problem with an occasional wig here and there. Jump to 2008 preggers again and hello “good” hair but again after I gave birth there it went but I attribute that to again the epidural and I had a preemie so major stress. Fast forward to the summer of 2010. No plans to go natural but after having kinky’s for most of the summer I found relief in not going to a salon and watching my hair shed like mad crazy. So roughly 2 weeks ago after taking a break from the kinky’s deciding if I was going back to a relaxer I decided to take a good look at my hair and I kinda liked what I saw. My hair had grown a good deal and just the thought of relaxing every 4-6 weeks and wasting my full Saturday in the salon made my nerves BAD so I took the jump and have signed the rest of my years to being natural!

I love did you get that? LOVE my new hair and want to show it off to everyone. It may be messy and imperfect at times but I am rocking it I think. Now that I have my new natural hair it is amazing how everywhere I go I see folks rocking the natural look. Just like that new car you buy, sure nuff after you pull off the lot 50 people have the same car 🙂 With that this “car” is a keeper.

Peace, Love and Natural

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