Oyin Handmade Oh Yeah!

I have been stalking YouTube tons lately just to see what the natural community is trying out for their curls! I never would have thought that the Tube would be such a resourceful tool for my journey anywho’s after my test drive with Miss Jessie’s I was on the prowl for something a little different. Oyin Handmade stood out and from the reviews that I saw on both YouTube and Curlmart I wanted to give it a shot. Juices and Berries was the first thing I saw that made my “do” salivate 🙂 I hopped on over to the Oyin site and found a sampler kit. I wanted to give that a whirl before committing to getting the full size products. Below is what you get in the kit:

2 oz Honey Hemp Conditioner. 2 oz Greg Juice, 2 oz Whipped Pudding and a 2 oz Shine and Define. The price for this package of love was $17.50 before shipping.

When I got this package and ripped it open like a wild woman I was instantly ready to do my hair. The scents of the Whipped Pudding and Shine and Define sent me over the edge!!!!!

First I co-washed my hair with the honey hemp conditioner and I loved it. The consistency was very thick but I didn’t need a ton to saturate my hair. The smell hmm I can’t tell if it was honey maybe I am not really sure what honey smells like 🙂 Anywho I was concerned more with the performance than the smell. Let me tell you my hair was super soft and it felt clean. The conditioner is miles beyond some of the others I have tried. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Honey Wash

I set my twists with the Whipped Pudding and the Shine and Define. The Whipped Pudding is a thick and creamy consistency that smells of chocolate cocoa butter. I love this stuff.  It boasts head to toe goodness on the packaging. Now I have not used this as a body moisturizer YET for fear of biting my arm off since it smells so darn delish but I will try to slather it on soon.  The Shine and Define has a bit of a sweet smell. I can’t quite put my finger on the scent but is smells fabulous also. The consistency is thinner due to it being a gel like product but it is not the same consistency as an Eco-styler type gel. My tube was a little grainy but that disappears after you rub it in your palms and it totally didn’t bother me at all. Everything is handmade so I expect that. After my twists were all done I just slicked the Shine and Define over them then tied my hair up. Let me tell you I was so wanting the night to fly by so I could see the end result.

When I woke up the next morning my hair was perfectly soft and non frizzy. Now my 1st day twist outs are always a little blah like spaghetti that tastes better on the second day my twist outs look better on the 2nd day. I was still pleased with the hold and curls I was seeing. The Shine and Define really really brings out the curls.

The Greg Juice had a bit of a I guess citrus smell. I sprayed my hair with it the 2nd day. I couldn’t really tell if it did or didn’t make a difference. I am going to give the Juices and Berries a try simply because I think I would prefer that smell.

I was super happy with my Oyin purchases and I will surely be ordering again from them. Below are a few pics of my 2nd day twist out.

Interested in purchasing here is the website oyinhandmade.com

Peace, Love and Natural

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